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Lake Bindegolly National Park, QLD, Australia

Here a few photos taken at Lake Bindegolly NP. It is located near Thargomindah, in south-western QLD, several hundred km west of Brisbane, protecting a natural ephemeral lake and its surroudings. Apart from aquatic birds, when there is water in the lake, also animals of the semi-arid to arid plains of the Outback can be found there, such as e.g. Bourke's Parrot.

Map of Lake Bindegolly NP; more wildlife can be found in a bush camping area on the southern side of the highway which is not shown on the map, where "Lake Bindegolly Bridge" is written on the map

Lake Bindegolly seen in the distance; when only partly full, it is surrounded by a wide area of sand flats with Samphire the only plants to grow there

Lake Bindegolly in the distance, plus surrounding landscape

Abundant aquatic birdlife at Lake Bindegolly - in this case, amongst others, a flock of Red-necked Avocets

Near-dorsal view of a pair of Blue-winged Parrots in a dead tree, male on the left

Since we do not have a permit, photos from National Parks in QLD are not available for sale.