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Brigalow Nature Reserve, NSW, Australia

Here a photo taken at Brigalow NR. Brigalow NR is a small nature reserve protecting remnant brigalow 20 km south-west of Narrabri, NSW. The simultaneous presence of Casuarina trees ("She-oaks") with mistletoe attracts, for example, Painted Honeyeaters and Mistletoebirds.

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This park forms part of a chain of nature reserves called the "Brigalow and Nandewar Community", which was created to protect fauna and flora along the western slopes of the Nandewar Range, which in turn is part of the Australian Great Dividing Range.

Brigalow scrub, part of which was flowering in September 2012, at Brigalow NR, 20 km south-west of Narrabri, NSW

Here another dense cluster of brigalow

Painted Honeyeater spotted at Brigalow NR - for more information on this bird species, click here

A Southern Boobook was found roosting low in brigalow - for more information on this bird species, click here

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