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Bundjalung National Park, NSW, Australia

Aboriginal name: "bundjalung"/"bunjalung"/"bandjalang"/"badjalang" = name of Aboriginal people in coastal northern NSW

Here a few photos taken at Bundjalung NP. This NP is located on the NSW north coast, not far from the border to QLD. It offers a view into the fauna and flora of coastal dunes, especially salt-resistant vegetation. Just to the south of the NP there is the associated Iluka Nature Reserve. Note that some photos presented on this website are available FOR SALE.

View of the Esk River, on the edge of Bundjalung NP

Crested Terns roosting at Iluka Bluff, Bundjalung NP, together with a few Silver Gulls

Wompoo Fruitdove; in the area of Bundjalung NP this bird species is considered endangered

Little Wattlebird

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