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Byfield National Park, QLD, Australia

Here a few photos taken at Byfield NP. It consists of several parts and is located around the township of Byfield, QLD, about 30 km north of Yeppoon. It offers insights into various, very different types of habitat, from rainforest to white, sandy beaches and dunes, some of which are hundreds of metres high.

Beach near Sandy Point

Water Park Creek, in the inland part of Byfield NP

Bushwalking along Stony Creek


Wattle blossoms

Flower of Grevillea venusta (Byfield spider flower), a species that is found only in Byfield NP

Scarlet Honeyeater, a bird species that tends to stay high up in the crowns of flowering eucalypts to feed on nectar

Since we do not have a permit, photos from National Parks in QLD are not available for sale.