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Capertee National Park, NSW, Australia

Here a few photos taken in Capertee NP. The Capertee Valley, located about 50 km to the South of Mudgee, NSW, is one of Australia's most significant birding hotspots. Much of the land was private property, before it was put under the administration of NPWS in 2010, in part as a measure to protect the critically endangered Regent Honeyeater. Note that some photos presented on this website are available FOR SALE.

Map of Capertee NP, as displayed near the homestead & cottage

Panorama from the Valley Lookout

One of the vistas from near the Airly Lookout

The Capertee Valley is one of the last remaining secure locations where Regent Honeyeaters can be found.

Near-lateral view of a Regent Honeyeater approaching a waterhole
[Timmallallie NP, near Baradine, NSW, October 2015]

The Capertee Valley is one of the western-most locations where Wonga Pigeon can be found.

Distant lateral view of a Wonga Pigeon in dry sclerophyll woodland
[Capertee NP, NSW, December 2015]

The Capertee Valley also hosts lots of wombats

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