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Currawinya National Park, QLD, Australia

Here a few photos taken at Currawinya NP. It is located near Hungerford, in south-western QLD, several hundred km west of Brisbane, with Mulga scrub and sandy plains. One of its attractions is the presence of three natural lakes. Lake Wyara is saline, while Lake Numalla, only 3 km away, is fresh water. A third smaller lake, Lake Kaponyee, is shown below. Currawinya NP has been extended twice, now reaching from the NSW/QLD border to almost the Adventure Way from Cunnamulla to Thargomindah, QLD.

Map of Currawinya NP as of June 2019

Lake Kaponyee is an ephemeral freshwater lake

Red Kangaroos can be found in the park in abundance

At Currawinya NP we first spotted Pied Honeyeaters

Also abundant at the time of our visit: Emus, many of which were seen with chicks; they can often be seen strutting along quiet roads

Since we do not have a permit, photos from National Parks in QLD are not available for sale.