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Girraween National Park, QLD, Australia

Aboriginal name: "girraween" = place of flowers

Here a few photos taken at Girraween NP. It is the QLD part of a larger area extending into NSW as Bald Rock NP. The dominant feature in both parks are granite rock formations and eucalypt, i.e. sclerophyll, forest and woodland. We have also found some banksia scrub.

Granite rocks partly submerging Bald Rock Creek, which led to the name "Underwater Creek"

Dr Roberts Waterhole, a tranquil spot where Superb Lyrebirds can be heard and Azure Kingfishers observed

Superb Lyrebird, hardly visible, taking a bath

Water run-off pattern on a slightly inclined slab of granite rock

Since we do not have a permit, photos from National Parks in QLD are not available for sale.