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Goulburn River National Park, NSW, Australia

Here a few photos taken at the Drip Gorge. At the time when we visited, in December 2015, this section of the upper Goulburn River was not yet part of the NP, but plans had been made to include it. The Drip Gorge section of this park features the upper Goulburn River about 30 km to the North of Mudgee, NSW, where it is just a small creek, snaking its way through a narrow gorge that it has carved out of Hawkesbury Sandstone. Some sandstone escarpments have been undercut and water trickles down along the rockface, giving ferns and other plants a foothold. The main part of the park is located farther to the East, downstream along the Goulburn River, which is the Hunter River's major western tributary. This implies that, although far inland, Goulburn River NP is, in fact, on the western side of the continental divide. Note that some photos presented on this website are available FOR SALE.

The Drip Gorge features sandstone castles...

... including "The Drip", which gives it its name

On the outside of each bend the Goulburn River has undercut the soft Hawkesbury sandstone

In the Drip Gorge section of the park, the Goulburn River is only a small creek

The Drip Gorge is one of the western-most locations where the Rockwarbler can be found.

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