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Jilliby State Conservation Area, NSW, Australia

Aboriginal name: "jilliby" = where two creeks meet

Here a few photos taken at Jilliby SCA. This is an extension of Watagans NP, about 50 km west of Newcastle, NSW, close to Wyong, NSW. The two protected areas are connected by the Watagans Forest Road. They are situated on the eastern slopes of the Great Dividing Range, just south of the Hunter River estuary. The Hunter River is an important boundary for wildlife, including birds of Australia. There are a number of species that don't cross the estuary in either direction. On the other side of the Hunter there is Barrington Tops NP. Note that some photos presented on this website are available FOR SALE.

Old gum tree along the Watagans Forest Road

Superb Lyrebirds had their mating season when we visited Jilliby SCA in June 2009; one could hear the males mimicking tens of different bird calls to impress females. Their performances are staged on litter mounds in dense underbrush

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