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Kakadu National Park, NT, Australia

Aboriginal name: "gagudju"

Here a few photos taken at Kakadu NP. This is one of the most famous NPs in Australia. It is located about 100 km east of Darwin, has a tropical climate and offers a variety of different habitats (although little rainforest). Visits are easiest during the dry season, but the experience will be biased, because one cannot begin to understand when locals tell of big floods in the area. The Catherine River, for example, rose by more than 18 metres(!) over a period of a few weeks in 1997, just after our visit in steaming hot, but dry conditions. In its south-western corner Kakadu NP borders on Nitmiluk NP. To the East there is Arnhemland. The whole Top End of the NT has lots of examples of the cultural heritage of Aboriginal people in Australia, dating back up to tens of thousands of years. The NPs in this area not only protect the environment, but also this cultural heritage.

Aerial view of floodplains of the East Alligator River, North of Jabiru, NT

Aerial view of escarpments north of Jabiru, NT

Drying billabongs of the South Alligator River near Mamukala at the end of the dry season

The water of some billabongs is clean enough to be used for brewing the famous billy tea, while the stems of water lilies are edible

Native Australian lawn mower (also available with dual blade action)

Goanna trying to get away from the photographer

As in other waterways, one can find plenty of "Salties" at Yellow Water (Ngurrungurrudjba) which, as one can see, deserves its name

There are also dingoes in Kakadu NP

Comb-crested Jacana on the leaves of water lilies on a billabong