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Kroombit Tops National Park, QLD, Australia

Here a few photos taken at Kroombit Tops NP. It is located about 70 km south-west of Calliope, QLD. This park, although less well-known than others, is spectacular. The view from its south-eastern lookout is breathtaking. Amongst other species, Glossy Black-Cockatoos (see below) can be found in this park, which is also home to the elusive Red Goshawk (not seen by us). Kroombit Tops NP is dominated by eucalypt forest.

Tall eucalypt forest and lush undergrowth are the main features of Kroombit Tops NP

View from a lookout on the 4WD loop in the park

The view from the south-eastern lookout extends all the way to the coastline and Gladstone, QLD

Glossy Black-Cockatoo

Since we do not have a permit, photos from National Parks in QLD are not available for sale.