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Litchfield National Park, NT, Australia

Here a few photos taken at Litchfield NP. This NP is located west of the Stuart Highway connecting Katherine and Darwin, NT. Being located in the Top End of the NT, it has a tropical climate. There are sandstone rock formations in the park with spectacular waterfalls.

One of the most famous spots in Litchfield NP is Tolmer Falls

Looking the other way one can see the palm-lined bed of Greenant Creek

Here a creek flowing under a dense canopy

Litchfield NP is a termite haven; there are cathedral mounds, whose colour depends on the colour of the local soil; there is ochre...

... in various shades ...

... and reddish-grey; as for the size scale - the lady measures 1.55 m (without the slippers)

Magnetic termite mounds are ingenious constructions with optimised passive heating/cooling