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Macquarie Marshes Nature Reserve, NSW, Australia

Here a few photos taken at Macquarie Marshes NR. This Nature Reserve is located about 70 km west of Coonamble, NSW. The total length of the marshes is about 150 km, part of which are protected as a reserve. Parts of the marshes are dominated by trees such as Black Box eucalypts, Coolibah and River Red Gum, while others are open plains with reeds (see photos below). Another dominant plant species (in both types of habitat) is Lignum.

The Macquarie Marshes are home to abundant wildlife, in particular aquatic birds. Especially in years with significant flood events large numbers of birds will breed in the marshes. In some years, e.g. 2011, even a few pairs of Pied Herons have been recorded.

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Viewing platform on the eastern side of the Macquarie Marshes
[Macquarie Marshes, NSW, April 2017]

View of the edge of the tree-lined part of Macquarie Marshes NR, with Lignum undergrowth visible on the right

View across reeds in open country with a few dead trees interspersed; the reeds line an abundance of small waterways and mudflats

When there is water near the road, Black-tailed Native-hens are found in abundance along Gibson's Way

Australian Shelducks on shallow water in a partially submerged cattle paddock
[Macquarie Marshes, NSW, April 2017]

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