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Narran Lake Nature Reserve, NSW, Australia

Here a few photos taken at Narran Lake NR. This RAMSAR-listed Nature Reserve is not generally open to the public. We visited the NR under the guidance of NPWS rangers and elders of the local Aboriginal community.

The Narran Lakes are located about 70 km North-West of Walgett, NSW. They are a number of shallow depressions that fill with water when the Narran River is in flood, creating an important ephemeral wetland for aquatic birds to nest in, surrounded by dry scrub and woodland dominated by Cypress pine.

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Entrance to Narran Lake Nature Reserve

When full, the Narran Lake are home to abundant wildlife, in particular aquatic birds. Especially in years with significant flood events large numbers of birds will breed there. In some years, e.g. 2008, tens of thousands of breeding pairs have been counted.

Narran Lake, as seen through copious grass growth and shrubs after two years of record rainfalls
[April 2022]

Narran Lake when full, after record rainfall
[April 2022]

When dry, the Narran Lakes are part of the surrounding dry scrub, with extended clay pans.

Narran Lake was almost entirely dry at the time this photo was taken
[July 2014]

Clay pan near Narran Lake, which was dry at the time this photo was taken; the clay pan is bordered by lignum and surrounded by dunes consisting of debris swept up from Narran Lake when it is dry, called the Lumeah Lunettes
[July 2014]

Salt pan near Narran Lake, which was dry at the time this photo was taken
[July 2014]

White-bellied Sea-Eagle nest at Narran Lake
[July 2014]

One of the bird species found in the dry bushland surrounding Narran Lake is the Red-capped Robin

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