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Oxley Wild Rivers National Park, NSW, Australia

Here a few photos taken at Oxley Wild Rivers NP. This is one of a number of NPs off the Waterfall Way, east of Armidale, on the NSW northern tablelands. It features deep-cut gorges and spectacular waterfalls. Note that some photos presented on this website are available FOR SALE.

Wollomombi Falls during the big dry; "Wollomombi", derived from "wollumbi" = "Meeting of waters"

Here a view into the gorge away from the falls

A bird species observed by us near Wollomombi Falls is the Spotted Quail-thrush

Apsley Falls are located at the southern end of this NP

Tia Falls are not far from Apsley Falls

Part of the Styx River valley is also included in Oxley Wild Rivers NP

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