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Warrumbungle National Park, NSW, Australia

Aboriginal name: "warrumbungle" = crooked mountains [gamilaraay]

Here a few photos taken at Warrumbungle NP. Located 30 km east of Coonabarabran, NSW, it is one of the most western outcrops of the eastern mountain range. It features rugged terrain, eucalypt forests and spectacular vistas. Apart from other attractions, it also hosts a significant number of koalas that are often easily approachable, e.g. around camp sites. This park is notably different from the nearby Pilliga Forest NR. Note that some photos presented on this website are available FOR SALE.

View of the Warrumbungle from Whitegum Lookout

Koalas are regulars, often seen just outside the Visitor Centre

Crimson Rosella, an inhabitant of mountainous bushland

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