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Wyrrabalong National Park, NSW, Australia

Aboriginal name: "wyrrabalong" = headland looking over the sea

Here a few photos taken at Wyrrabalong NP. This NP is located about 100 km north-east of Sydney, NSW, on the NSW Central Coast. It is a coastal park comprising several individual sections, with beaches and dunes and slopes covered with eucalypts and banksias. Note that some photos presented on this website are available FOR SALE.

One of the dominant species of eucalypt along the Australian south-east coast is Angophora costata ("Sydney Red Gum")
[Wyrrabalong NP, NSW, July 2013]

Bateau Bay at Wyrrabalong NP

Pockmarks on the bark of a eucalypt tree (Angophora costata ["Sydney Red Gum"])

15-20 m high banksia trees at Wyrrabalong NP

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