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Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

Here a few photos taken by us at Jasper NP. This large NP is located to the north of Banff NP, in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Its landscapes are truly spectacular, with snow-covered mountains, glaciers, glacial rivers and lakes and pine forests.

One of the most amazing places we have ever visited is Bow Lake, in Jasper NP; photos cannot do the landscape justice

Different view of Bow Lake taken from the same spot as the shot above; this view is almost the extension of the previous photo to the right, looking towards the glacier feeding Bow Lake; both shots were taken from Num Ti Jah lodge

Athabasca Falls

Mount Edith Cavell

Glacier coming off Mt. Edith Cavell, feeding Moab Lake

Marmot seen at Moab Lake

Squirrel enjoying the seeds from a cone

Sea Eagle in a tree on the banks of a river in Jasper National Park

Birds feeding in the shallow water of a lake