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Jodrell Bank Radio Observatory

Jodrell Bank is the UK's largest radio observatory. Located outside Manchester, it has a range of radio telescopes, including the Lovell 78-m telescope (below).

The Jodrell Bank 78-m telescope in 1990.

The 25-m Mark-II telescope, which served for a test to see whether an elliptical surface might bring observational advantages (it didn't..., but at least the attempt led to an interesting structure) is shown below.

The Jodrell Bank Mark-II telescope at daytime, here with the 78-m telescope in the background...

... and here the Mark-II at night, seen from the back.

The staff at Jodrell Bank also runs the Middle England Radio Link Interferometer Network (MERLIN), the only existing radio interferometer in which the data from various antennae are brought to the central computer (correlator) via radio communication links, thus its name. MERLIN is also listed on the VLBI page.