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Michael Dahlem's science pages

Since finishing my Master's thesis, which focused on the absorption of X-ray emission in Galactic neutral hydrogen gas, most of my research has dealt with the effects of massive star formation on the ambient interstellar medium, in particular with gaseous halos of spiral galaxies.

The specific area where most of my work was done in in finding out what level of star formation can lead to the creation of halos, i.e. that can initiate disk-halo interactions.

Many starburst galaxies are interacting systems, which led to a natural expansion of my interests into the field of the environment of galaxies and the gaseous medium in groups. This project is closely liked to studies of Southern Compact Groups of galaxies (SCGs).

Some observations of starburst galaxies and their environments led to the detection of interesting variable sources.

For some time I also dabbled in the field of hot gas in poor clusters of galaxies.

My scientific work ended in 2010.


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