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(Dromaius novaehollandiae)
Aboriginal name(s): Race "novaehollandiae": "dhinawan" [gamilaraay]; "noori" [ngemba]; "nguruny"/"ngurihny" [bundjalung]; "yawirr"/"kawirr", "parramal" [yartwatjali, tjapwurrung, djadjawurrung];
Race "rothschildi": "wetj", "wedji", "kulya", "kaya", "yallibiri" Race "diemenensis" (extinct): "gonanner", "ponanner", "tooteyer" (Tasmania)
"atyimba", "boolongena", "kaltee", "miowera", "pinyali", "punnanumta", "wakaje", "warritcha", "beek-beek", "boongil", "boorameel", "burrimul", "cubaree", "goolberri" ("koolbaree"), "kalaya", "kallee", "karawingie", "koolpurrie", "koonappo", "koruni", "langura", "maowera", "marayong", "moorine", "oorooba", "pinyali", "tarrawingie"

Size: 1.5-1.9 m
Weight: 18-55 kg; averages: 31.5 kg (male), 36.9 kg (female)

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Male Emu wooing female

Around the southern winter solstice in June 2016 we observed a male Emu strutting about with his neck feathers all fluffed up and craning his neck in a display for an attendant female. While parading he frequently preened his plumage, a move that was reciprocated by the female.

Male Emu pulling out all the stops to impress a female
[Near Narrabri, NSW, June 2016]

Apart from preening, the female Emu showed no sign of interest, just staying nearby and feeding on fresh growth in a paddock after good rainfall. However, to our surprise, the female called frequently, while the male was all silent.

Female Emu that was being wooed by a male; this is the bird whose calls were recorded on 26 June 2016
[Near Narrabri, NSW, June 2016]


For this species we have recorded the following call(s)/song. The interpretation of their meaning is our own; comments and suggestions for improvement are welcome.

emu_20140119_2.mp3 novaehollandiae
Warning call (male with chicks) © MD
emu_20160623.m4a novaehollandiae
Female calling male? © MD
emu_20160623_4.m4a novaehollandiae
Female calling male? © MD
emu_20160623_5.m4a novaehollandiae
Female calling male? © MD

More Emu sound recordings are available at .

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