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Silver Gull rinsing a fish

(Chroicocephalus [Larus] novaehollandiae)

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While normally one finds Silver Gulls squabbling over food, we have observed the opposite. One bird brought in its catch, put it down on a rockface, and offered it to another, possibly its mate, who subsequently devoured the fish.

(Female?) Silver Gull, left, carrying a fish to water that it had received, possibly from its partner, on the right, who accompanied it during the process
[Iluka Bluff, Bundjalung NP, NSW, May 2014]

Here the Silver Gull is seen rinsing the fish
[Iluka Bluff, Bundjalung NP, NSW, May 2014]

Now the Silver Gull eats the fish, head first
[Iluka Bluff, Bundjalung NP, NSW, May 2014]

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