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Male Common Bronzewing calling with its bill closed

(Phaps chalcoptera)
Alternate name(s): "Forest Bronzewing", "Bronze-wing Pigeon"
Aboriginal name(s): "tappak", "dhamarr" [gamilaraay, yuwaalaraay]; "taap"/"tap" [yartwatjali, tjapwurrung, djadjawurrung]; "ooda*", "oot", "ngambin", "moorytch*", "moonbi" (WA); "wingabutta", "gnambam", "murnpip", "warriwarri"

Size: 30-36 cm
Weight: 250-450 g

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Below a short series of photos showing a male Common Bronzewing vocalizing its contact calls with its bill closed. All photos presented here were kindly contributed by V. Collins.

Close-up lateral view of a male Common Bronzewing, normal stance (photo courtesy of V. Collins)
[Pilliga scrub, NSW, December 2020]

Close-up lateral view of a male Common Bronzewing vocalising its contact calls (photo courtesy of V. Collins)
[Pilliga scrub, NSW, December 2020]

cbrwing_20201219.m4a (NW NSW) Contact calls (male) © MD

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