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Little Corellas roosting on the ground

(Cacatua sanguinea)
Alternate name(s): "Bare-eyed Cockatoo", "Blood-stained Cockatoo", "Short-billed Corella"
Aboriginal name(s): Race "gymnopsis": "djayarra", "bidira" (WA); "ngarritj"

Size: 36-39 cm
Weight: 370-630 g (525 g average)

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M. Mearns observed the following unexpected behaviour of Little Corellas, race "sanguinea", at the Montecollina Bore, off the Strzelecki Track in far north-eastern SA, in July 2006.

Flock of Little Corellas arriving at a bore for a last drink of water at the end of a day (photo courtesy of M. Mearns)
[Montecollina Bore, SA, July 2006]

While many are still drinking, other Little Corellas are in no obvious rush to leave again (photo courtesy of M. Mearns)
[Montecollina Bore, SA, July 2006]

By nightfall the whole flock settled down for the night; and in the absence of any trees in the entire area, they did so on the ground... (photo courtesy of M. Mearns)
[Montecollina Bore, SA, July 2006]

... and across a dirt track on which vehicles obviously are driven occasionally (photo courtesy of M. Mearns)
[Montecollina Bore, SA, July 2006]

Once dozy enough, they were approachable while on the ground (photo courtesy of M. Mearns)
[Montecollina Bore, SA, July 2006]

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