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Red-winged Parrots taking a bath

(Aprosmictus erythropterus)
Alternate name(s): "Crimson-winged Parrot", "Red-winged Lory"
Aboriginal name(s): "billai"

Size: 31-32 cm
Weight: 150-200 g

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In August 2009 a pair of Red-winged Parrots came to our place to have a bath in a water bowl. Here a short account of the proceedings.

When the guests arrived for the party, they looked nice and tidy...
[Eulah Creek, NSW, August 2009]

Here is her having a peek at the phantastic colours of his plumage...
[Eulah Creek, NSW, August 2009]

Her: "How does it feel?" Him: "Nice 'n' comfy, mate."
[Eulah Creek, NSW, August 2009]

As the party continued, the guests looked a bit the worse for wear and tear...
[Eulah Creek, NSW, August 2009]

A few more energetic dips...
[Eulah Creek, NSW, August 2009]

...did not improve appearances...
[Eulah Creek, NSW, August 2009]

"OK, time to preen! What do you think, darl?"
[Eulah Creek, NSW, August 2009]