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Rainbow Bee-eaters building a nest

(Merops ornatus)
Alternate name(s): "Rainbow-bird", "Spinetail", "Pintail"; misnomer: "Kingfisher"
Aboriginal name(s): "birrubirruu" [yuwaalaraay]; "dirrandirran" [ngadjon]; "birinbirin", "beringo" (WA)

Size: 23-27 cm
Weight: 27 g (average)

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Always under the watchful eyes of its partner, a Rainbow Bee-eater digs a tunnel for a nesting hollow into sandy soil 20 km South of Narrabri, NSW, in October 2006.

Top to bottom:
Have a look around whether it is safe to dig
Check out what needs to be done
Start digging
At a later stage just throw the debris out of the tunnel

Frontal view of the construction site (taken during a work break)

At the end of the day rest together for a while - male, with the longer tail streamers, on the right