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Grey Teal

(Anas gracilis)
Alternate name(s): "Wood Teal", "Slender Teal"
Aboriginal name(s): "buuway" [yuwaalaraay]; "kalyong" (WA)

Size: 42-45 cm
Weight: 350-670 g

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Physical description

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Taxonomy, classification

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Range, habitat, finding this species

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Sex unknown

Close-up near-frontal view of Grey Teals
[Gwydir River, Bingara, NSW, April 2019]

Close-up near-lateral view of a pair of Grey Teals (photo courtesy of B. Hensen)
[Centennial Park, Sydney, NSW, April 2014]

Close-up lateral view of an adult Grey Teal displaying its speculum (photo courtesy of C. Hayne)
[Whittaker's Lagoon, near Moree, NSW, November 2013]

Lateral view of a Grey Teal
[Narrabri Lake, NSW, November 2010]

Lateral view of a Grey Teal with its head feathers erect, possibly indicating a posture in defense of its chicks
[Narrabri Lake, NSW, November 2010]

Lateral view of two Grey Teals at an irrigation dam
[Harparary, NSW, April 2013]

Grey Teals resting by a fresh water lake (photo courtesy of M. Eaton)
[Dowse Lagoon, Sandgate, Brisbane, QLD, August 2017]

Grey Teals on a tree trunk (photo courtesy of R. Druce)

Lateral view of two Grey Teals
[Gwydir River, Bingara, NSW, April 2019]

Grey Teals feeding and resting in shallow water
[Gwydir River, Bingara, NSW, April 2019]

Lateral view of Grey Teals in flight (photo courtesy of B. Hensen)
[Leaning Tree Lagoon, NT, July 2019]

Grey Teals in flight seen from underneath
[Whittaker's Lagoon near Moree, NSW, August 2012]

Ventral view of Grey Teals in in a mixed flock with Pink-eared Ducks
[Burren Junction, NSW, January 2016]


Lateral view of a juvenile Grey Teal
[Narrabri Lake,NSW, January 2016]

Grey Teal with conspicuously light plumage, possibly a juvenile moulting into its adult plumage
[Goran Lake, NSW, April 2011]

Grey Teal with four of its seven chicks
[Near Walgett, NSW, April 2009]

Close-up view of three Grey Teal chicks
[Near Walgett, NSW, April 2009]

Grey Teal family on a lake
[Narrabri Lake, NSW, November 2010]

This family of Grey Teals was seen 6 weeks after a major inland rainfall event
[Yarrie Lake, near Wee Waa, NSW, August 2012]

Very young Grey Teal chick on an artifical dam
[Burren Junction Bore Bath, NSW, December 2015]


Social behaviour: Communal Mobility: Nomadic/dispersive Elementary unit: Pair/large flock


Like other duck species, Grey Teals are sociable birds that, when not breeding, like to congregate in large numbers.

Small section of a huge composite photo (49790x2650 pixels) of about 1500 resting Grey Teals; the original photo permits identification of basically every single bird and shows that the white spots visible in the background of the larger photo are Red-necked Avocets
[Goran Lake, NSW, June 2011]

Part of the huge flock of Grey Teals (above) resettling just 100 m further on
[Goran Lake, NSW, June 2011]

Grey Teals like very shallow water
[Narrabri, NSW, June 2015]

Grey Teals sifting through shallow water ("dabbling")
[Near Narrabri, NSW, July 2010]

Grey Teals are often seen together with other ducks, in particular Australian Wood Ducks, but also with Pink-eared Ducks.

Group photo of several species of water birds - a pair of Australian Wood Ducks (centre), Grey Teals (left and right) and Australasian Grebes (the two smaller birds)
[Near Narrabri, NSW, August 2007]

Group photo of several species of aquatic birds - a pair of Australian Wood Ducks (far left), a family of Grey Teals (centre) and a pair of Australasian Grebes (front)
[Near Narrabri, NSW, August 2007]

Food, Diet

Grey Teal "dabbling", i.e. feeding on plant material at the water surface
[Gum Swamp, Warren, NSW, December 2016]

Lateral view of a pair of Grey Teals feeding
[Narrabri Lake, NSW, October 2010]

Grey Teal upending to feed on underwater plants (photo courtesy of M. Eaton)
[Dowse Lagoon, Sandgate, Brisbane, QLD, August 2017]


For this species we have recorded the following call(s)/song. The interpretation of their meaning is our own; comments and suggestions for improvement are welcome.

grteal_20200229.m4a (NW NSW) Contact calls(?) © MD
grteal_20160727_2.mp3 (NW NSW) Q&A © MD
grteal_20200301.m4a (NW NSW) Alarm calls + contact calls © MD
grteal_20200718.m4a (NW NSW) Pre-dawn; getting restless? © MD

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