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Family clan feeding nesting
α-female White-winged Chough

(Corcorax melanorhamphos)
Alternate name(s): "Jackdaw*", "Black Magpie*", "Black Jay", "Muttonbird*"; Misnomer: "Apostlebird*"
Aboriginal name(s): "wuyuu" [gamilaraay, yuwaalaraay]

Size: 43-47 cm
Weight: 360 g (average)

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We have observed a family clan feeding the α-female in the nest, while either laying eggs or incubating. The whole clan was at the time trying to prevent an intrusion by a female Channel-billed Cuckoo keen on laying its egg in the nest. In response, the female White-winged Chough was observed to "hunker down" in its nest.

Female White-winged Chough on its nest, either laying eggs or incubating newly laid eggs
[Eulah Creek, NSW, November 2015]

Female White-winged Chough on its nest, begging for food
[Eulah Creek, NSW, November 2015]

First one White-winged Chough approaches with a flying insect...
[Eulah Creek, NSW, November 2015]

... feeding her while other family members come to join in
[Eulah Creek, NSW, November 2015]

Several members of the White-winged Chough family brought food, this one demonstrating that - like pancakes - locusts can also be stacked
[Eulah Creek, NSW, November 2015]

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