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Bassian Thrush

(Zoothera lunulata)
Alternate name(s): "Ground Thrush", "Mountain Thrush", "Scaly Thrush", "White's Thrush"
Size: 27-29 cm
Weight: 100 g (average)

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Physical description

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Taxonomy, classification

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Range, habitat, finding this species

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Race "lunulata"


Close-up view of the head and upper body of a Bassian Thrush
[Dorrigo NP, NSW, July 2009]

Near-lateral view of a Bassian Thrush
[Bunya Mountains NP, QLD, March 2016]

Near-lateral view of a Bassian Thrush
[Bunya Mountains NP, QLD, March 2016]

Lateral view of a Bassian Thrush (photo courtesy of B. Hensen)
[Bruny Island, TAS, March 2016]

Lateral view of a Bassian Thrush (photo courtesy of R. Plumtree)
[Little River Road, East Gippsland, VIC]

Lateral view of a Bassian Thrush spotted at a comparatively low altitude of only 550 m (photo courtesy of R. Plumtree)
[Commins Track, East of Swifts Creek, East Gippsland, VIC, May 2014]

Near-dorsal view of a Bassian Thrush; note the characteristic dark-brown rump and tail feathers
[Bunya Mountains NP, QLD, March 2016]

Near-dorsal view of a Bassian Thrush in dark undergrowth
[O'Reilly's Plateau, Lamington NP, Gold Coast, QLD, May 2014]


When running on the ground, Bassian Thrushes often keep their head low, as visible here
[Bunya Mountains NP, QLD, March 2016]

Food, Diet

Like all ground thrushes known to us, Bassian Thrushes feed on small insects, grubs and worms that they find in soft soil or under leaf litter in dense, wet forests.


For this species we have recorded the following call(s)/song. The interpretation of their meaning is our own; comments and suggestions for improvement are welcome.

bassthr_20140522.mp3 lunulata
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