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Australasian Darter

(Anhinga novaehollandiae)
Alternate name(s): "Snake-necked Darter", "Diver*", "Snake-bird", "Shag*"
Aboriginal name(s): Race "novaehollandiae": "koorowera", "marbangye"; "mimal" (WA)

Size: 85-90 cm; wing span 1.2 m
Weight: 1.05-1.35 kg

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Series of shots showing an Australasian Darter after resurfacing with a fish spiked on its bill.

Seeing something like this, can you tell what it is? Clearly something poking out of the water's surface, but what?

Looking at it sideways helps a bit...

Here is the solution - an Australasian Darter spiking a fish. As it heaves to turn the fish, its body comes higher out of the water

From this angle it is obvious that the fish had been spiked in a different spot first, before the Australasian Darter started to turn it around...

... and yes, despite the apparent difference in width between the Australasian Darter's neck and the fish's size, it does fit in - amazing!