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Dependent Australian White Ibis being fed

(Threskiornis molucca)
Alternate name(s): "Black-necked Ibis", "Sickle-bird"; formerly "Sacred Ibis"
"Bin chicken"

Size: 65-75 cm
Weight: 1.7-2.5 kg (male), 1.4-1.9 kg (female)

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The sequence of photos below illustrates how a dependent (juvenile) Australian White Ibis begged for food and was then fed by one of its parents.

First the young bird adopted what looked like a submissive posture and noisily begged for food
[Narrabri Lake, NSW, April 2012]

Then the young bird started tapping the adult's bill with its bill...
[Narrabri Lake, NSW, April 2012]

... before inserting its own bill into the adult bird's
[Narrabri Lake, NSW, April 2012]

Next one could see the regurgitated load being transferred
[Narrabri Lake, NSW, April 2012]

This is the end of the transfer and the bills were then disengaged
[Narrabri Lake, NSW, April 2012]

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