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Wedge-tailed Eagle

(Aquila audax)
Alternate name(s): Misnomer: "Eaglehawk*"
Aboriginal name(s): Race "audax": "bilyara", "wallardoo", "cooradilla", "curawura"/"kurrawurra", "kilpara", "koothalla", "neeyangarra", "otella", "walowoona" "mullian"/"maliyan"/"mollyan", "nompie", "woorawa", "wulde" [gamilaraay, yuwaalaraay]; "mibany" [bundjalung]; "gurrijala" [ngadjon]; "bunjil" [kulin]; "woldja", "warlitj", "warlik", "warbako", "yelka" (WA)

Size: 90 cm - 1.1 m; wing span 1.8-2.5 m
Weight: 3-5.75 kg (female); 2-4 kg (male)

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Australian Magpies are very combative birds, certainly during their breeding season, and most certainly when somebody comes too close to their nest. An adult Wedge-tailed Eagle had to learn that lesson while we were watching.

Australian Magpie hot on the heels of an adult Wedge-tailed Eagle, when it was circling low near its nest site
[Near Barraba, NSW, September 2015]

The Australian Magpie positioned itself above the tail of the mighty eagle...
[Near Barraba, NSW, September 2015]

... and then repeatedly tugged the eagle's tail feathers, a gesture that was not much appreciated
[Near Barraba, NSW, September 2015]

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