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Latham's Snipe

(Gallinago hardwickii)
Alternate name(s): "Australian Snipe", "Common Snipe", "Japanese Snipe", "Jack Snipe", "Long-bill", "Bleater"
Size: 27-30 cm; wing span 50-54 cm
Weight: 150-230 g

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Physical description

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Taxonomy, classification

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Range, habitat, finding this species

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Near-lateral view of Latham's Snipe in non-breeding plumage (photo courtesy of M. Windeyer)
[Tiger Bay Wetlands, Warren, NSW, October 2017]

Three Latham's Snipes in non-breeding plumage on the fringes of a lake (photo courtesy of B. Hensen)
[Eastlakes Golf Course, Sydney, NSW, December 2012]

Lateral view of a Latham's Snipe in non-breeding plumage in the dark fringes of a wetland (photo courtesy of A. Ross-Taylor)
[Carrara, Gold Coast, QLD, November 2014]

Distant lateral view of a Latham's Snipe in flight
[Narrabri Lake, NSW, December 2011]

Distant lateral view of a Latham's Snipe in flight; different phase of the wing beat
[Narrabri Lake, NSW, December 2011]

Near-dorsal view of Latham's Snipe in flight
[Narrabri Lake, NSW, March 2017]

Dorsal view of Latham's Snipe in non-breeding plumage preparing to land (photo courtesy of B. Hensen)
[Eastlakes Golf Course, Sydney, NSW, December 2013]


Social behaviour: ? Mobility: Migratory Elementary unit: Solitary/pair

Latham's Snipe is very shy and easily flushed, often at distances of up to 50 m.

Outside their breeding season, Latham's Snipe are very specific in their choice of habitat; we have so far ONLY found them on narrow muddy margins around fresh water, ALWAYS shielded from view by reeds or weeds, such as the plants shown here - checking this spot for about 10 minutes we could not find a bird hiding there (while seeing ducks and other bird species wading along the water's edge), but when finally approaching flushed two snipes
[Narrabri Lake, NSW, March 2017]


For this species we have recorded the following call(s)/song. The interpretation of their meaning is our own; comments and suggestions for improvement are welcome.

latsnip_20161221.mp3 (NW NSW) Alarm calls © MD

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