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Birds of Australia

"dhigaraa" [gamilaraay], "dhigayaa" [yuwaalayaay], "ghigayaa" [yuwaalaraay] = bird

Latest twitch: 15 Sep. 2021 - Painted Honeyeater at Yarrie Lake, near Wee Waa, NSW

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Bird of the week

Red Goshawk

Including vagrants, in total there are almost 900 bird species in Australia, including its territorial waters and surrounding islands. These pages contain our accounts of sightings, photography and audio recordings of Australian birds. The common, scientific and Aboriginal names of the bird species presented here are listed in an INDEX. Lists of bird species are available for several locations near Narrabri, NSW. Credits to contributors are given here. Comments are welcome.

The second-tier navigation bar above provides links to a number of high-level pages and to the 26 family groups of birds, as used in the "Field Guide to Australian Birds" by Michael Morcombe. Hovering the cursor above the numbers, one can see which bird families each group comprises.

Latest Updates
Common Diving-Petrel
Southern Royal Albatross
Northern Royal Albatross
Added 12-14/09/2021
Shy Albatross
Improved 09/09/2021
Chestnut-rumped Thornbill
Improved 10/08/2021
Carpentarian Grasswren
Eyrean Grasswren
Added 02-04/08/2021
Yellow-rumped Thornbill
Cinnamon Quail-thrush
Improved 31/07-05/08/2021
Eungella Honeyeater
Added 15/07/2021
Golden-headed Cisticola
Improved 11/07/2021
Eastern Barn Owl
Improved 08/07/2021

These pages are largely based on our own observations and those of our contributors. The structure of these bird pages is explained HERE. For more salient facts on any bird species please refer to a field guide.

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