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Australian bird habitats:

Description of habitat

Manmade structures can substitute some types of natural habitats. One example of such a replacement is the use of an awning of a roof or an open shed or shelter with convenient roof beams as a substitute for an escarpment, a cliff or the dense canopy of a tree in a forest. Some bird species can adapt to the proximity of humans and will make use of such niches for roosting and/or nesting. Some bird species also find insects to feed on.

Bird species found in this type of habitat or plant

This is not necessarily a complete list. We display here some examples of bird species found by us in this kind of habitat or plant. Hover your cursor on thumbnails to see names of species; click on thumbnail to go to the page describing the species.


Welcome Swallow nesting under the awning of a house roof; this particular nest was used for at least 12 consecutive breeding seasons, before it was replaced by another right "next door" (1 m away)

Willie Wagtail nesting under the awning of a carport

Noisy Miner nesting under the roof of a carport

Australian Boobook roosting in a garage (photo courtesy of C. Hayne)

These pages are largely based on our own observations and those of our contributors. The structure of these bird pages is explained HERE. For more salient facts on any bird species please refer to a field guide.

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