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Australian bird habitats:

Description of habitat

Along the coastline of the Australian continent rockfaces are quite distinct from other parts of the coast, such as e.g. coastal cliffs or beaches or dunes. Several bird species specialise in living and hunting on rockfaces, i.e. exposed rock shelves at the tip of headlands.

Bird species found in this type of habitat or plant

This is not necessarily a complete list. We display here some examples of bird species found by us in this kind of habitat or plant. Hover your cursor on thumbnails to see names of species; click on thumbnail to go to the page describing the species.


Soldiers Point, near Norah Head, NSW, with its lighthouse, is a popular roost for many species of birds

Prominent rockface on the NSW central coast; such rockfaces are particularly welcome to birds as roosts when cut off from the mainland by high tides or rough seas

Rockface at the tip of Wybung Head (Munmorah SCA, NSW)

Rockface forming a perfect hunting ground for a number of White-faced Herons

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