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Australian bird habitats:
Coastal spinifex dunes

Description of habitat

This page describes coastal dunes vegetated by true "Spinifex" grass, as opposed to inland "Triodia" , as found in open grassland of the interior of the continent. Spinifex grass is usually found ontop of dunes and on the landward side. It can establish itself there because of its salt tolerance.

Bird species found in this type of habitat or plant

This is not necessarily a complete list. We display here some examples of bird species found by us in this kind of habitat or plant. Hover your cursor on thumbnails to see names of species; click on thumbnail to go to the page describing the species.


Example of a beach with a dune covered with Spinifex grass (visible in the foreground)

Backside of a coastal sanddune covered with Spinifex grass near Old Bar, NSW; one of the bird species living in this type of habitat is the Beach Stone-curlew

Some dunes covered with Spinifex grass (left) have other vegetation ontop or at the back, such as e.g. pandanus

Deep dunefields are often vegetated with salt-resistent scrub ; bird species seen in such a habitat will be listed under scrub

These pages are largely based on our own observations and those of our contributors. The structure of these bird pages is explained HERE. For more salient facts on any bird species please refer to a field guide.

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