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Key plants used by Australian birds:
Eucalypt (Eucalyptus [...]) - Aboriginal names

"carcoola", "waralya" = Eucalypt [Aboriginal]

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Here a limited selection of Aboriginal names of various eucalypt species, primarily from the area of north-western NSW (the gamilaraay, yuwaalaraay, yuwaalayaay, nganyaywana and ngarabal languages); see credits page.

Common name Scientific name Aboriginal name/s
White box Eucalyptus albens bibil [gamilaraay]
Yellow box Eucalyptus melliodora bibil [gamilaraay], yinay [nganyaywana]
Grey box Eucalyptus moluccana bibil [gamilaraay], yinay [nganyaywana]
Bimble box Eucalyptus populnea buubaya [gamilaraay, yuwaalaraay, yuwaalayaay]
Black box Eucalyptus largiflorens guburruu [gamilaraay, yuwaalaraay, yuwaalayaay]
Coolibah Eucalyptus coolabah gulabaa [gamilaraay]
River Red Gum Eucalyptus camaldulensis yarraan [gamilaraay, yuwaalaraay, yuwaalayaay]
Manna gum, Ribbon gum Eucalyptus viminalis dhani [yuwaalaraay, yuwaalayaay], dharraabiin [yuwaalaraay]
Red stringybark Eucalyptus macrorhyncha gundhi [yuwaalayaay], intwara [nganyaywana]
Ironbark, Silver-leaved ironbark Eucalyptus melanophloia thiinyaay [gamilaraay], girranba [nganyaywana], kiranpa [nganyaywana]
Carbeen Corymbia [Eucalyptus] tessellaris gaabiin [gamilaraay]
Western Bloodwood, Long-fruited Bloodwood Corymbia dolichocarpa gawuuwildhaa [yuwaalaraay]
Appletree Angophora floribunda (and other Angophora species) bulamin [gamilaraay], tunpa [nganyaywana]

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