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General information

Apart from the pages describing individual bird species (accessible via the numbers of family groups in the header above), we have compiled more general information that is described on various pages. At present, information is available on the following topics:

Passerines vs. non-passerines Explanation of the differences between the two orders
List of bird species Index of all Australian bird species, with those bird species observed by us as clickable links
Family group table Explanation of the way bird species/families are sorted into 26 family groups (2nd tier header above)
Bird habitats Set of pages describing various types of habitat and which birds have been found by us in these
Key plants for birds Set of pages describing a number of plants that we have found to play important roles for birds
Bird observation lists Lists of bird species observed by us at various locations in inland north-west NSW (Narrabri, Gunnedah, Moree area)
Male-female dimorphism Explanation why in some bird species females are larger or stronger than males
Bonding rituals Explanation why in some bird species one partner begs the other for food in wintertime
Species listed by morphology Lists of bird species sorted by appearance (morphology, colour pattern); e.g. "all-black birds"
Glossary Explanation of terms used on these pages
Plumage and body parts Explanation of the plumage and body parts of birds
Field of vision Explanation of adaptations of various species' fields of vision
Types of nests Index leading to lists of bird species building certain types of nests
Clustered nesting Several bird species nesting in a loose cluster
(Re-)use of mud nests Examples of how mud nests are regularly re-used
Birds as pollenators Examples of how plants use nectar-eating birds as pollenators
General observations Migration patterns, seasonal/annual changes, changes in the ranges of species, etc. observed by us
Tips Tips for birdwatchers and bird photographers, based on our own experiences
More information About the equipment and techniques used by us, plus some notes about nomenclature
Page structure Explanation of the structure of the pages on individual bird speces
Thumbnails Thumbnail images of birds for identification
Publications Publication of information presented on these pages
Credits Credits to contributors
Sponsors Credits to sponsors
Awards Awards won by this web site
Photos for sale Selection of publication-quality bird photos
Australian Nature Reserves Short descriptions of nature reserves visited by us