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Birds of Australia - unidentified bird calls

The following bird calls are as yet unidentified. To those who like a challenge: Any help with the correct identification would be much appreciated! Please send your input by email .



North-west New South Wales

unid_20230811.mp3 Passerine alarm call? Reeds on edge of wetland Gwydir Wetlands
20220315_3501.m4a Species? Reeds in creek; bird hiding just above water Pilliga NSW
unid_20210516.m4a Species? Near farm dam in paddock; scattered eucalypts Near Narrabri NSW
spotbow_20210112.m4a Spotted Bowerbird? Farm dam Eulah Creek

South Queensland

20160311_1.m4a Species? Temperate rainforest Bunya Mts NP

Gold Coast & Northern/North-eastern New South Wales

20150620_whichmon.m4a Which Monarch? Tall open forest Bald Rock NP
20150620_unid1.m4a Species? Tall open forest Bald Rock NP
20150620_unid2.m4a Species? Tall open forest Bald Rock NP
20150620_unid3.m4a Species? Tall open forest Bald Rock NP
20150620_unid4.m4a Species? Tall open forest Bald Rock NP
20150818.m4a Aust. Figbird? Mangrove Urunga Heads
20150820_1.m4a Species? Temperate rainforest Dorrigo NP
20150820_2.m4a Species? Temperate rainforest Dorrigo NP
20150820_3a.m4a Species? Temperate rainforest Dorrigo NP
20150820_3b.m4a Species? Temperate rainforest Dorrigo NP
20150820_3c.m4a Species? Temperate rainforest Dorrigo NP
20181024_1.m4a Golden Whistler? Temperate rainforest Myrtle Scrub Scenic Drive
dorrigo_20160922.mp3 Lewin's Honeyeater? Temperate rainforest Dorrigo NP
unid_art_20131125.m4a Species? Subtrop. rainforest Lamington NP
unid_art_20150420.m4a Species? Subtrop. rainforest Lamington NP

NSW Central Coast and Sydney area


Top End, Northern Territory

unid1_pb_CCR_20200523.m4a Grey Whistler? Dense coastal scrub Casuarina Coastal Reserve
unid_pb_20200323.m4a Begging calls? Coastal scrub East Point, Darwin, NT
unid_pb_20200309.m4a ? Dense scrub Jingili Water Gardens, Darwin, NT
unid_pb_20200119.m4a Dusky Honeyeaters? Mangrove Manton Dam, NT
cdnp_pb_20190306.m4a Little Shrike-thrush? Woodland Charles Darwin NP, Darwin, NT
KeepRiverNP_pb_20181120.m4a 2 species interacting? Woodland/gorge Keep River NP
KeepRiverNP_pb_20181119.m4a Rufous Whistler? Woodland/gorge Keep River NP
rbfairy_pb_20181117.m4a Red-backed Fairy-wren? Shrubs/tall grass Timber Creek airport, NT
unid7_pb_20180619.m4a Species? Woodland near creek Coomalie Creek, NT
unid_pb_20180603_zitt.m4a Zitting Cisticola? Coastal scrub Mandorah, NT
unid1_botg_pb_20180524.m4a Species? Botanical garden Darwin, NT
unid2_botg_pb_20180524.m4a Eurasian Coot? Botanical garden Darwin, NT
unid_pb_20180415.m4a ? Coastal scrub Cas. Coastal Res., Darwin
unid_pb_20180504.m4a Shining Flycatcher? + ? Mangrove Rapid Creek, Darwin
unid1_pb_20180507.m4a Species? Edge of wetland Fogg Dam (wall)
unid2_pb_20180507.m4a Species? Edge of wetland Fogg Dam (wall)
unid_pb_20180121.m4a Species? Mangrove wetland Darwin
fogg_20140817_e1.m4a Which egret/heron? Wetland Fogg Dam CR

South-west WA

20150613_jg_1.mp3 Species? Woodland Bungendore Park
20150613_jg_2.mp3 Species? Woodland Bungendore Park
unid_jg_20160806.m4a Martins? ? Boolardy Station

Central SA

20161104_mm.mp3 Species? Dry tree-lined gully Coober Pedy

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