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(Upupa epops)
Alternate name(s): "Eurasian Hoopoe"
Size: 25-32 cm; wing span: 44-48 cm
Weight: 46-89 g
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Physical description

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Taxonomy, classification

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Range, habitat, finding this species

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Race "epops"


Hoopoe perched high up in a tree top (photo courtesy of Agnieszka from Lodz)
[Biebrza National Park, Poland, June 2016]

Hoopoe flying up to bring food to the chicks in its nest (photo courtesy of Beata from Warsaw)
[Biebrza National Park, Poland, June 2016]

Here the Hoopoe is seen approaching the nest; the full-size image gives an overview of where the nest is located (photo courtesy of Agnieszka from Lodz)
[Biebrza National Park, Poland, June 2016]

More photos of Hoopoes, race "epops", were taken by us in Oman.

Breeding information

Breeding season: Jun - Jan Eggs: ca. 12 Incubation period: 15 - 18 days Fledging age: 26 - 29 days

The breeding season depends a lot on geographic latitude and other climatic factors. The period listed above applies to eastern/central Europe.

The clutch size also depends strongly on geographic latitude. It varies from ca. 4 eggs in the tropics, via on average 7 in subtropical regions, to around 12 at higher latitudes.

Nest building: ? Incubation: Female Dependent care: Female & male


Type: Hollow Material: Tree, rock Height above ground: 3 - 10? m

Hoopoe feeding one of its chicks through the opening of its hollow in a tree trunk (photo courtesy of Beata from Warsaw)
[Biebrza National Park, Poland, June 2016]

Near-fledging age Hoopoe chick at the entrance of its nest hollow; note the white gape (photo courtesy of D. Wilczynska)
[Biebrza National Park, Poland, June 2016]


Size: 26 x 17 mm Colour: White Shape: Tapered oval


While foraging, Hoopoes prefer to run from place to place, rather than fly short distances.


For this species we have recorded the following call(s)/song. The interpretation of their meaning is our own; comments and suggestions for improvement are welcome.

hoopoe_dw_20160605_2.mp3 epops (Poland) Territorial call (male) © DW
hoopoe_dw_20160605.mp3 epops (Poland) Territorial calls (males) © DW

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