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(Philomachus pugnax)
Alternate name(s): "Reeve" (female)
German name(s): "Kampfläufer"

Size: 29-32 cm (male), 22-26 cm (female);
wing span 54-60 cm (male), 46-49 cm (female)
Weight: 180 g (average; male), 110 g (average; female)

Gallery of male Ruff breeding plumages

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Some, if not most, of the breeding plumages shown here are not quite complete yet, but all give a good impression of the variety that exists, from black-and-brown to all-white, as seen from the front (and almost anything in between). The general rule is most likely that the more senior a male is, the more brown and black he will be. Junior males will have more white on them. All these photos were taken by D. Wilczynska in Biebrza NP, Poland, in May 2017 - many thanks!

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