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Birds of Europe - Family groups

We follow here the convention adopted in the "Field Guide to Australian Birds" by Michael Morcombe, in which all bird families are collected into 26 family groups. The sub-division into 26 family groups is done only for convenience and the way it is done in detail has no scientific background.

Every species seen by us is listed in an index of bird names.

1 Grouse, Partridges, Quail, Pheasants
2 Swans, Geese, Ducks, Loons, Grebes
3 Albatross, Fulmar, Shearwaters, Storm-petrels
4 Cormorants, Tropicbirds, Frigatebirds, Gannet, Pelicans
5 Egrets, Herons, Bitterns, Spoonbill, Ibis, Stork, Flamingo
6 Vultures, Osprey, Eagles, Kites, Buzzards, Harriers, Hawks, Falcons
7 Water-hens, Crakes, Rail, Bustards, Cranes
8 Button-quails, Curlews, Shanks, Snipes, Sandpipers, Tattlers, Stints, related waders
9 Pharalopes, Stone-curlew, Stilt, Avocet, Pratincoles, Oystercatcher, Plovers, Lapwings
10 Skuas, Gulls, Terns, Auk, Puffin, Guillemots, Razorbill
11 Sandgrouse, Doves, Pigeons
12 (Parrots)
13 Cuckoos, Owls, Nightjars
14 Kingfishers, Bee-eater, Roller, Swifts
15 Hoopoe, Wryneck, Treecreepers, Wallcreeper, Woodpeckers
16 Tits
17 Dunnock, Accentors, Goldcrest, Firecrest, Wren, Phylloscopus Warblers
18 (Sunbirds)
19 Robins, Redstarts, Chats(=Flycatchers), Rock Thrushes, Wheatears, Nightingales, Bluethroat, Bluetail, Dipper
20 Waxwing, Nuthatches
21 Flycatchers, Sylvia Warblers
22 Shrikes, Oriole, Magpies
23 Nutcracker, Choughs, Jays, Jackdaw, Crows, Rook, Raven
24 Wagtails, Pipits, Larks, Reedling, Sparrows, Finches, Crossbills, Buntings
25 Swallows, Martins
26 Acrocephalus Warblers, Cetti's Warbler, Songlarks, Thrushes

Only native bird species sighted by us are listed in this table and only items where we have some information are clickable links to the relevant sections.