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Birds of Europe

"Vögel" = birds

Including vagrants and occasional stragglers, there are in total about 700 bird species in Europe, including its coastal waters and islands. These pages contain our slowly growing account of spottings, photography and sound recordings of European birds. Currently we have information available on 138 bird species, 17 of which were seen by us elsewhere, with 118 thumbnail images for those species of which we have reasonably good photos.

The second-tier navigation bar above provides links to a number of high-level pages and, in addition, to each of the 26 family groups of birds, following a convention introduced in the "Field Guide to Australian Birds" by Michael Morcombe . Hovering the cursor above the numbers, one can see which bird families each group comprises. The scientific and common names of all bird species presented on these pages are listed in an INDEX. The structure of the bird pages is explained here. Credits to contributors are given here. Comments are welcome.

Latest Updates
Eurasian Wigeon
Common Goldeneye
Added 25 Apr. 2017
Common Linnet
Improved 24 Apr. 2017
Northern Shoveler
Added 22 Apr. 2017
Eurasian Curlew
Added 18 Apr. 2017
Greater White-fronted Goose
Northern Lapwing
Trumpeter Finch
Added 3-6 Apr. 2017
Ruddy Turnstone
Yellow-legged Gull
Improved 4 Apr. 2017

These pages are largely based on our own observations and those of our contributors. The structure of these bird pages is explained HERE. For more salient facts on any bird species please refer to a field guide.

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