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Little Bee-eater

(Merops pusillus)
Size: 15-17 cm


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Taxonomy, classification

See Little Bee-eater at Wikipedia .


We have not seen a Little Bee-eater in Oman yet. The photo shown below was taken in Africa. All information presented on this page is courtesy of S. Kirkby.


Little Bee-eaters, one of which is seen with a wing of an insect still sticking out of its bill (photo courtesy of S. Kirkby)

Food, Diet

As their name already indicates (and like another member of the Merops family), Little Bee-eaters feed on bees, but also other insects such as e.g. dragonflies. They catch their prey in flight, then take it to their perch where it is killed with a head flick smashing it against the branch.

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