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General information

Apart from the pages describing individual bird species (accessible via the numbers of family groups in the header above), we have compiled more general information that is described on various pages. At present, information is available on the following topics:

Glossary Explanation of terms used on these pages
Plumage and body parts Explanation of the plumage and body parts of birds
Field of vision Explanation of adaptations of various species' fields of vision
General observations Migration patterns, seasonal/annual changes, changes in the ranges of species, etc. observed by us
List of bird names List of birds observed by us in Oman
Passerines vs. non-passerines Explanation of the differences between the two orders
Tips Tips for birdwatchers and bird photographers, based on our own experiences
More information About the equipment and techniques used by us, plus some notes about nomenclature
Page structure Explanation of the structure of the pages on individual bird speces